New job

August 9th, 2010

I’ve accepted a new position with our corporate Application Services’ Center of Excellence organization as team lead for the .NET team.  In this position I will be responsible for support, projects, deliverables, documenting existing solutions as well as analyzing and designing new solutions.  I will help our team meet deadlines successfully while mentoring and helping develop programmers with a focus on corporate policies, industry standards and best practices.  The team’s goals involve delivering components and services to be leveraged to create solutions across the enterprise.  In other words, we’ll make the corporate tools others use to make the programs their customers need.

This is my first job as a team lead and I am looking forward to stepping up to the new responsibilities of this position.  This new position allows me to grow my interpersonal as well as my technical skills which appeals to me.

My previous manager and team leads have set the bar high for me in terms of having a positive approach and being focused on delivering high-quality solutions.  I expect to bring this experience with me as I help to keep the high level of performance my new manager and teammates have already achieved.

I will be transitioning to this new job in the coming weeks.

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