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VS Live 2012 Day 1

December 10th, 2012

I made it through Day 1 of VS Live 2012.  Well, technically this was the pre-conference workshop day.  I took in Miguel Castro‘s Using WCF and ASP.NET Web API class from 8:00 – (~) 5:20.

Miguel‘s presentation was full.  This is the same material he normally teaches in a 5-day class.


Miguel Castro presenting WCF

Miguel Castro presenting WCF

The class started with the basics of WCF, contracts and entities but rapidly and smoothly moved through SOA, hosting, clients and service calls (per-call, per-session and singleton).  He really dug in after lunch and covered callbacks, WCF faults handling, REST vs. SOAP based services and security in WCF.

The information was PACKED!  Miguel knows this material not only academically but also experientially (and mores to his credit for that).  He breezed through almost all questions throughout the day regardless of where they hit on the skill level meter (one was pretty specific and nothing he’d done yet with jsonp and the other was related to a newer option in .NET 4 that he doesn’t care for)

Until I saw today how many .NET developers don’t have much or any experience with WCF and SOA I didn’t realize the wealth of experience we have at work with our SOA implementation.  Our implementation operates at the top level of what Miguel discussed and several people I know, myself included, have a better-than-passing understanding compared with what most people today said was their experience.

Tonight’s keynote ran over a little but we were treated a little display of Windows to Go which looks pretty nice given the way the BYOD approach seems to be gaining traction.  I won a copy of Windows 8 Pro (thanks, Microsoft).

It’s been a good day with lots of information but I’m tired now.  I may watch some of the Houston Texans at New England Patriots on MNF, read a little more and head on to bed to be ready for tomorrow’s meetings.

For a more in-depth experience, check out Allen Conway’s post (Twitter) on Miguel’s class.

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