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DevLink – Awesome Conference in Chattanooga

August 29th, 2014

John Kellar started DevLink over in Nashville in 2006.  It’s a great conference.  I’ve seen presenters at DevLink in August only to catch the exact same presentations from them a few months later down at VSLive Orlando in December.  The difference in the price tag is $100-250 for DevLink and $1,500-3,000 (factoring in airfare, room and board) for VS Live.  That kind of difference is HAAARD to justify.

Thursday's Keynote



Professional Development - Convince Me


This year I’ve enjoyed a lot of AngularJS content and some architectural sessions, notably Mike Wood‘s Dependable Cloud Architecture and Rachel Appel‘s Web Runtime Architecture and Performance Deep Dive.

I’ve haven’t been impressed with much security and risk management content here.  I wish I’d seen more security as a baseline requirement because my exposure here was scary crazy by comparison with the level of SANS type training that I know full-time infosec people get (~$4,000 – 5,000/week for a class).  I feel responsible as an infosec professional with a background in development and technical leadership to build some content for this and BSides next year.

OWASP and secure coding guidelines are things we, in infosec, need to be handing development teams to better enable them to deliver on their requirements while meeting the business’ enterprise-level requirements.

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