Raspberry Pi WAP and Proxy

August 8th, 2015 Comments off

I decided to convert my old Raspberry Pi (also available from AdafruitAmazon and many more) into both a Web Access Portal (WAP) and a proxy for filtering traffic and gaining insight into domains access (where is traffic that comes out of my house going).

Older Pi Model B+

Raspberry Pi WAP


This setup required some capabilities

  • Internet access for the Pi
  • Wireless access for the Pi to host other devices
    • Wireless USB dongle
    • Ability to share connection/host other devices
    • Ability to serve DHCP assignments
  • Proxy through which traffic must pass (thus providing both insight and some control)



Android Lock Screen, Auto-Lock and Screen Timeout

December 3rd, 2014 Comments off

While preparing a Lunch-n-Learn at work I found that I wasn’t satisfied with finding a simple How-To on Android 4.4.2 Lock Screen, Passcode and Screen Timeout so I’m publishing this.


The first step we’ll undertake is setting a timeout for the Android display on the device.  To access the Setting menu pull down from the top of the display and choose the gear icon at the top right of the display.

You’ll scroll down the Settings menu until you see Device section and then look for Display.

Display Menu

Display Menu



Presentation Device: Logitech R400

October 9th, 2014 Comments off
As noted, I have a Logitech R800 but my experience with that device was less than satisfactory.

I’ve often been able to use one of my company’s presentation devices but ran into a scheduling issue where their Logitech R400 device was assigned to someone for a presentation when I needed to use it.

I decided to double down on Logitech and purchase my own R400.

Logitech R400 and R800 Side-by-side

Logitech R400 and R800


I am very happy with the R400 I bought.  It works from > 35′ (~ 10 meters) away even working through walls.  The R800 I had wouldn’t even work from 5′ (< 2 meters).


New Router (Asus RT AC66R) Delivers Faster Results

September 15th, 2014 Comments off

After a lightning strike across the street blew out a transformer we’ve noticed erratic behavior on both the Linksys WRT310 wifi-enabled router and the Netgear gigabit switch used for the wired connections in the home office.  I awoke the other day to find that all wifi access was dead and no matter how I worked with the wifi I couldn’t restore it.  I quickly realized the switch had died silently some days before and the laptops had switched over to the wifi.


Presentation device: Logitech R800

September 12th, 2014 Comments off

I present at some regional and local conferences and at my company.  Any regular presenter needs a presentation “clicker”

This Spring I invested in a presentation device by Logitech: the R800.


It comes with a USB, RF dongle; ostensibly for good range of motion while presenting.  Here you see it side-by-side with the USB dongle for a Logitech M570 Trackball, my favorite pointer device.  I’ve tried it in different configurations (with no other RF devices and even no other USB devices and on other laptops but always with similar results).