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Video Editing on Android Using Samsung Note 2 – Summer 2014

July 18th, 2014 Comments off
I’m going to point out some FAILs but reach a satisfactory conclusion.  If you can’t read an evaluation where something that fails to meet an objective without labeling the evaluative process as “negative” then this probably won’t be worth your time.


I shoot a lot of photos.  I often use my phone, my underwater Pentax or one of my Canon DSLRs.  I use a mix of Adobe Lightroom and Paint.NET for my image workflow and individual pixel editing (when necessary).

For videos I long ago purchased a Lifetime license to the AVS suite of software and that’s paid off incredibly.


Win8 & iTunes 11.02 Installation Opportunities

February 21st, 2013 Comments off

PREFACE:  The issue described herein is most likely a product of what’s installed on my computer is because of my profession as a computer consultant.  This post isn’t meant to disparage Apple or Microsoft‘s hardware, software or support options.  It’s merely intended to recount my experiences.


I’m two hours into something that I wish would “just work” but because of the vagaries of what I install on my computer to support my career path I don’t fit some assumptions about users.


My goal: