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Win8 & iTunes 11.02 Installation Opportunities

February 21st, 2013 Comments off

PREFACE:  The issue described herein is most likely a product of what’s installed on my computer is because of my profession as a computer consultant.  This post isn’t meant to disparage Apple or Microsoft‘s hardware, software or support options.  It’s merely intended to recount my experiences.


I’m two hours into something that I wish would “just work” but because of the vagaries of what I install on my computer to support my career path I don’t fit some assumptions about users.


My goal:


Boilerplate – What’s that mean?

October 9th, 2010 Comments off

Boilerplate refers to infrequently changing but often-used things to speed the process of creating something.  I am most familiar with the term in relation to legal contracts and programming.

In legal documentation, boilerplate language would be language (phrases, paragraphes or entire sections of contracts) that doesn’t change from one document to the next.  In a Non-Disclosure Agreement, the basic language about the agreement will be the same from one NDA that a company builds to the next.  These sections that are similar can be considered boilerplate.  Specific terms of the contract are what differentiate one contract from the next.


New job

August 9th, 2010 Comments off

I’ve accepted a new position with our corporate Application Services’ Center of Excellence organization as team lead for the .NET team.  In this position I will be responsible for support, projects, deliverables, documenting existing solutions as well as analyzing and designing new solutions.  I will help our team meet deadlines successfully while mentoring and helping develop programmers with a focus on corporate policies, industry standards and best practices.  The team’s goals involve delivering components and services to be leveraged to create solutions across the enterprise.  In other words, we’ll make the corporate tools others use to make the programs their customers need.


Filename conversion for Open Text’s eDocs DM

December 11th, 2008 2 comments

I needed a quick tool to convert document numbers to filenames.  We have an old tool that someone either wrote or we found somewhere but everything’s in the interface and it’s not totally accurate so I wrote a quick .NET component into which you can pass the document number and it’ll give you the calculated portion of the filename.  Add that to the DocServer_Loc and Path, the Version and SubVersion and voila you’ll pretty much know the filename.

The interface I wrote with this already has the Version and SubVersion options (default configurations have 99 versions and 26 subversions plus the “!” to indicate no subversions).  The interface also has minimal error handling.