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.NET Rocks Podcast on .NET 4.5 Changes Beyond Async

June 13th, 2013 Comments off

Who stays up-to-date on their podcast listening?  On my commute to the office this morning I caught Kathleen Dollard’s June 4th discussion of .NET 4.5 changes on .NET Rocks.  Kathleen covered some great material like Portable Class Libraries (PCL) and Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). 

.NET Rocks is a great podcast for .NET devs and IT pros in the MS stack in general.  It’s a great podcast with great material, well-done and delivered consistently. 

Neat takeaway is the Parallel.Invoke method

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Azure DB Connection errors

February 16th, 2013 1 comment

I was working through a training and ran into an issue that occurs often with technology.  Examples and expectations of someone presenting seem to consistently diverge from real world experience.  It’s not the presenter’s fault; it’s the nature of the material.

In my example I was studying about Microsoft ASP.NET applications and the presenter made course material available but PluralSight charges $49/month (or $499/year) to get that and I’m trying to stick with the $29/month (or $299/year) model.  That means that to follow along I have to do whatever it takes to reproduce the same kind of environment.  Since I didn’t have the database available but I have access to Windows Azure development platforms from my corporate MSDN license (thanks, work) I thought a good option would be to host an SQL database on Azure and use that for my training.


VS Live 2012 Day 1

December 10th, 2012 Comments off

I made it through Day 1 of VS Live 2012.  Well, technically this was the pre-conference workshop day.  I took in Miguel Castro‘s Using WCF and ASP.NET Web API class from 8:00 – (~) 5:20.

Miguel‘s presentation was full.  This is the same material he normally teaches in a 5-day class.


Miguel Castro presenting WCF

Miguel Castro presenting WCF

The class started with the basics of WCF, contracts and entities but rapidly and smoothly moved through SOA, hosting, clients and service calls (per-call, per-session and singleton).  He really dug in after lunch and covered callbacks, WCF faults handling, REST vs. SOAP based services and security in WCF.


New job

August 9th, 2010 Comments off

I’ve accepted a new position with our corporate Application Services’ Center of Excellence organization as team lead for the .NET team.  In this position I will be responsible for support, projects, deliverables, documenting existing solutions as well as analyzing and designing new solutions.  I will help our team meet deadlines successfully while mentoring and helping develop programmers with a focus on corporate policies, industry standards and best practices.  The team’s goals involve delivering components and services to be leveraged to create solutions across the enterprise.  In other words, we’ll make the corporate tools others use to make the programs their customers need.