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Productivity: Planner/Notebook – M by Staples Arc Custom Notebook System

June 17th, 2013 Comments off
Technical Architect

Architecting Better Solutions

Moving from the roles I’ve had around creation/supervision/support of widgets/services in an architectural organization to an architectural role across the corporation I find that some skills I’ve developed in self- and project management make for a smooth transition.  Some skills don’t translate as well and some necessary skills are growth opportunities for me.

Input, intellection and strategic, three of my primary strengths (report on CSF test’s alpha), help me in terms of collecting data, organizing it, considering the strategic implications, identifying patterns, producing frameworks and communicating concepts with other smart professionals who are similarly focused on adjusting architecture or who have to respond to architectural adjustments.


Using Pocket (nee Read It Later)

June 6th, 2013 Comments off

One change I’m making as I transition into my role in risk management is the volume of online content I find that I need to consume.

A tool I’ve found that helps me to consume online resources is Pocket.  I can put content into my Pocket account from multiple platforms (e.g. – desktop browser-based RSS consumer like Feedly or mobile device) and later when I have a night or afternoon to catch up I just go to my Pocket account and burn down my reading list.