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Android Lock Screen, Auto-Lock and Screen Timeout

December 3rd, 2014 Comments off

While preparing a Lunch-n-Learn at work I found that I wasn’t satisfied with finding a simple How-To on Android 4.4.2 Lock Screen, Passcode and Screen Timeout so I’m publishing this.


The first step we’ll undertake is setting a timeout for the Android display on the device.  To access the Setting menu pull down from the top of the display and choose the gear icon at the top right of the display.

You’ll scroll down the Settings menu until you see Device section and then look for Display.

Display Menu

Display Menu




December 3rd, 2012 Comments off

I’m trying out the blogging client for Android on my new Samsung Note 2.  I upgraded to the Samsung S3 about two months ago and enjoyed it but I decided to give this beast a try and pass the great S3 to my wife. 

I find that I like this device; between it and my Tab 10.1 (yes, I do seem to like Samsung lately) I’m leaning more and more away from keyboards to touch interfaces. 

If it wasn’t for my career in technology and gaming from my PC I think I could make a switch to mobile platforms like this.  Both the S3 & the Note 2 have quad core CPUs with 2gb of RAM. 


DevLink 2009 – Nashville

August 15th, 2009 Comments off

I’ve enjoyed and benefitted from DevLink (Twitter) 2009 on my first trip.  It’s an intensive set of presentations by developers and it’s aimed at developers.  It’s $75 and it’s code-on-the-screen; you’ll see what the speaker is talking about while he/she works through the topic.    There are tons of speakers from the INETA conference circuit so often you’ll get to hear straight from authors you’ve read (if you read about IT).

This years topics covered functional programming (F#, Haskell, etc.), LINQ, WPF, WCF, Design Patterns among several one-off presentations.

There was a mixer at the Nashville Sounds baseball game Friday night and several giveaways.