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Raspberry Pi WAP and Proxy

August 8th, 2015 Comments off

I decided to convert my old Raspberry Pi (also available from AdafruitAmazon and many more) into both a Web Access Portal (WAP) and a proxy for filtering traffic and gaining insight into domains access (where is traffic that comes out of my house going).

Older Pi Model B+

Raspberry Pi WAP


This setup required some capabilities

  • Internet access for the Pi
  • Wireless access for the Pi to host other devices
    • Wireless USB dongle
    • Ability to share connection/host other devices
    • Ability to serve DHCP assignments
  • Proxy through which traffic must pass (thus providing both insight and some control)



New Router (Asus RT AC66R) Delivers Faster Results

September 15th, 2014 Comments off

After a lightning strike across the street blew out a transformer we’ve noticed erratic behavior on both the Linksys WRT310 wifi-enabled router and the Netgear gigabit switch used for the wired connections in the home office.  I awoke the other day to find that all wifi access was dead and no matter how I worked with the wifi I couldn’t restore it.  I quickly realized the switch had died silently some days before and the laptops had switched over to the wifi.